The Da Vinci Code: Chapter 79

Summary: Still in France at Teabing’s estate, Collet reviews Teabing’s documents regarding the Priory of Sion, including his list of its Grand Masters. He receives a phone call from Vernet, who is seeking an update on the investigation’s progress. When Vernet realizes to whom he is speaking, he hangs up—and Collet recognizes Vernet’s voice as that belonging to the driver of the armored truck he let pass through the police barricade at the bank. Collet makes a request to Interpol for all information about Vernet and his bank.

Analysis: This chapter reinforces readers’ impression that Collet is just as ambitious as his superior. When he realizes he has been contacted by the driver of the armored truck in which the fugitives fled the bank, “he knew he should call Fache”—but chooses not to, for “he knew this lucky break was going to be his moment to shine” (p. 354). Even at this late date, it seems, Collet has not learned the futility of the personal quest for glory and greatness.