The Da Vinci Code: Chapter 66

Summary: Collet leads a raid into Teabing’s home, only to discover the house empty. Teabing and the two fugitives have taken, not one of the Grail expert’s “fancy sports cars,” but a rugged Range Rover in order to drive off the estate.

Analysis: This brief chapter gives another glimpse of Teabing’s cleverness, as the knight uses his home’s intercom system to misdirect Collet’s agents, buying much needed time for the fugitives’ escape. We also see another example of Teabing’s impressive (and ostentatious) wealth in his barn full of “fancy sports cars” (p. 305). Teabing is also practical, however, for he chooses (as we will learn in the next chapter) a Range Rover in which to make his escape into the thick forest that surrounds his estate. We will see further evidence of Teabing’s meticulous advance planning (for the good and the ill of our protagonists) as events continue to unfold. This chapter also serves as “payoff” for the anticipation, established in Chapter 63, that Collet’s misguided quest for power at Langdon and Sophie’s expense would be frustrated, just as Fache’s has been.