The Da Vinci Code: Chapter 59

Summary: Bishop Aringarosa phones the Opus Dei headquarters in New York to see if he has received any messages from the Teacher. He is told he received an urgent message a half-hour previously. The call came from a Paris phone number. Aringarosa, on a chartered flight to France, calls the number, only to be greeted by a switchboard operator for the French Judicial Police. The operator does, however, put him in touch with the mysterious Teacher.

Analysis: This brief chapter further teases readers with hints as to the Teacher’s identity. He is in Paris or its environs, and has, as Aringarosa feared, been trying to reach the Bishop. He is connected in some way to the police. Readers can sense that Brown is leading them on a quest of their own to tease out the Teacher’s identity, offering them several paths to follow, only one of which will prove true.