The Da Vinci Code: Chapter 36

Summary: Still angry at the security warden who let them go, Captain Fache receives news of Sophie’s purchase of train tickets. He realizes, however, that the purchase is likely a feint. He resolves to contact Interpol, to “close the net fast, and close it tight.”

Analysis: Another brief procedural interlude, this chapter does include an amusing glimpse into Fache’s mind. His crux gemmata pin, seen earlier, has already established him as a Christian; however, his reflections on how best to catch his two escaped fugitives make reference to a different “Holy Trinity” than Father, Son, and Holy Spirit: “Travel. Lodging. Cash” (p. 169)—the three things fugitives often seek, within the first hour of escape, that can lead to their arrest. Fache’s resolve to find Langdon and Sophie once more brings to mind Inspector Javert from Hugo’s Les Misérables. Clearly, law and order is the goal to which Bezu “The Bulldog” Fache is ultimately devoted. The law is his “god.”