The Da Vinci Code: Chapter 19

Summary: Sister Sandrine offers to escort Silas on a tour of Saint-Sulpice, but Silas implores the nun to go back to bed, insisting he only wishes to sit and pray. Sandrine leaves him alone, as he wishes, but continues to keep an eye on him from the back of the church.

Analysis: This chapter gives readers a glimpse into Sister Sandrine’s mind as she wonders whether her “mysterious visitor could be the enemy they had warned her about, and if tonight she would have to carry out the orders she had been holding all these years” (p. 96). In addition to maneuvering Silas closer to his goal, then, this chapter also reinforces the novel’s motif of veiled identities and large conspiracies: Sister Sandrine, so far from being merely a caretaker and public relations officer for the Church of Saint-Sulpice, is somehow integrally involved in the events that are unfolding involving Opus Dei, the Brotherhood, and the Keystone.