The Count of Monte Cristo: Novel Summary: Chapter 61-65

Chapter 61-65
Chapter 61:Danglars meets the count to make some business transactions.  Monte Cristo leaves with five million francs.  Danglars prepares to leave town as his daughter, Eugenie, prepares to join a convent.
Chapter 62: The funeral for Valentine is carried out though her body isnt really in the casket.  Monte Cristo reveals his true identity to Maximilien when the young man swears to kill himself from the loss of his lover.  The count promises to console Maximilien within one month.           
Chapter 63:
This chapter begins with a scene between Debray and Madame Danglars in a hotel room.  Debray reads Monsieur Danglars letter to his wife outlining his plans to leave her for good.  Though Madame Danglars is left with lots of money, she is now all alone in the world; not even Debray will stay by her side.
Albert decides to join the military, wanting to start a life apart from his father.
Chapter 64: Andrea is in jail.  He and Bertuccio have a secret meeting where the subject of Andreas father surfaces.  It seems this is very important.
Chapter 65:
Villefort accuses his wife of murder, telling her that she must kill herself or be thrown in jail.