The Count of Monte Cristo: Novel Summary: Chapter 56-60

Chapter 56-60
Chapter 56:This chapter takes place in the home of Monsieur Danglars and his family.  The occasion is the ceremonies marriage contract signing.  Just before Andrea (the groom) is suppose to sign the document which would make him the legal husband of Eugenie Danglars, Monte Cristo seems to inadvertently hint that Andrea is an escaped convict and murderer.  Soon the police arrive, but Andrea manages to get away.
Chapter 57:

In this short section, Eugenie now disgraced and without a husband, plans to leave Paris with one of her girlfriends and travel about Europe.  These plans are made in secret.
Chapter 58: Andrea escapes through a window of Danglars house, getting into a cab.  Several hours and lies later, Andrea finds himself hiding in the chimney of the hotel room where Eugenie is staying, already on her get-away.  When Andrea slips, his presence is revealed and the police soon take him to jail.
Chapter 59: Valentine is recovering from her attempted murder via poisoning.  Thanks to the help of the priest (Monte Cristo disguised) who watches her through the library that adjoins the neighboring house, Valentine discovers to her amazement that her stepmother, Madame Villefort, is the murderer.
Chapter 60:
Valentine takes a sleeping pill from the count.  By the next morning, everyone in the house believes shes dead.  Villefort, who already suspects his wife, swears to find the murderer.  Conveniently, the priest from next door comes to perform his sacred duties.  Its in this way that Monte Cristo conspires with Noirtier about how to keep Valentine alive and hidden (the sleeping pill is only temporary of course).