The Count of Monte Cristo: Novel Summary: Chapter 51-55

Chapter 51-55
Chapter 51:Mercedes goes to the house of the count, disguised.  She confronts the count, imploring him to spare Albert in the duel.  Yet Dantes is unyielding.  “Providence has punished him,” he proclaims.  Now the life goal of Monte Cristo becomes clear: he believes God delivered him from prison to punish his enemies.
Yet by the end of the conversation the count has a change of heart, deciding that Albert will live but he himself will die
Chapter 52:

When Maximilien comes to Monte Cristo the next morning, ready for the duel, the count tells the young man   that Albert will live and he will die.  Maximilien is shocked by this change in attitude, yet proceeds with the duel as planned.   
Before the duel is to commence, Albert asks to speak to the count.  Before Monte Cristo and the others, Albert admits that he was wrong and apologizes to the count, calling off the duel. 
Chapter 53: Albert and Mercedes both plan to leave the house, deciding to get on with their own lives apart from Fernand.
Chapter 54: Monte Cristo begins to fall in love again: this time, with Haydee.  Soon Fernand confronts Monte Cristo, challenging him to the duel his son couldnt complete.  When the count reveals his true identity to Fernand, the once-distinguished man returns to his own home and commits suicide.
Chapter 55:
Maximilien visits Valentine at her house.  At the same time, Madame Danglars and her daughter, Eugenie, visit Madame Villefort.  Soon it becomes clear that Valentine is growing very sick.  Although it seems that someone is trying to poison her as well, its thought that she will survive the attack.
Distraught by the thought of losing his lover, Maximilien asks Monte Cristo if he can be of any assistance.  Although the count is sorry that Maximilien has fallen in love with the “cursed breed,” he promises to help.  Soon its learned that the “priest” has moved in next door to the Villefort residence.