The Count of Monte Cristo: Novel Summary: Chapter 46-50

Chapter 46-50
Chapter 46:The count receives an ominous letter from a thief.  After getting this letter, the count and his servant Ali go into the secret, see-through room the count had specially built, to wait for the thieves, whom Monte Cristo believes want to kill him.  When Caderousse break into the house and begins picking the lock to the counts desk, Monte Cristo quickly changes his clothes and assumes the identify of the priest.  Soon he appears to Caderousses surprise, and addresses the thief.  Quickly Caderousse realizes that the priest knows everything about him, including the murder of the jeweler.  When Caderousse tries to stab the priest, Monte Cristo twists his arm, sending him to the floor in agony.  Then the priest tells Caderousse to leave at once.  Following his orders, Caderousse runs away, but is suddenly stabbed from behind by Andrea, who was hiding nearby.  When the priest hurries to the body of the dying man, Caderousse asks him why he allowed such a terrible thing to happen.  The priest asserts, “I would have considered it a sacrilege to oppose the intentions of Providence.”
For the rest of the chapter, Monte Cristo plays a mind game with the dying man, eventually revealing his identity.  The count likes to take on the role of God, holding the fate of Caderousse in his hands.  Now the justice which the count never received from God is being used by the rich man to punish the wicked. 
Chapter 47: The count and Albert decide to go away on a trip to the sea.  After they arrive in Normandy, Albert receives a tragic letter saying his father is involved in a scandal.  It seems his father, Fernand, was involved in theft and treason.

Chapter 48: This scene takes place in the legislative chamber in France where Alberts father is a member.  The other members accuse Fernand of treason, but he is prepared to defend himself.  Later, Haydee, Monte Cristos servant girl, testifies on her own accord against Fernand and soon there is no doubt that he is guilty.  In this way she avenges her fathers death.
Chapter 49: Albert seeks to find and confront the man who brought this scandel to light, since now he, too, is discredited for life.  At first he suspects Danglars, but eventually he discovers that the Count of Monte Cristo, his former best friend, is behind it.  It was the count who suggested to Danglars that he should look into Fernands history.
Chapter 50: Albert decides to attend the opera where he knows he can confront the count, who has since returned from Normandy.  When he confronts Monte Cristo in his box, the count has him thrown out, but agrees to a duel the next day, sure that he will win and kill the young man.  In only a few short hours the count and Albert have gone from best friends to enemies with unreconcilable differences.