The Count of Monte Cristo: Novel Summary: Chapter 36-40

Chapter 36-40
Chapter 36: Leaving the party, Andrea is confronted by Caderousse.  Soon their past together as fellow inmates is revealed.  When Caderousse threatens Andrea, he agrees to give the old man part of his allowance from the count.
Chapter 37: This scene begins with a meeting between Madame Danglars and Debray.  It soon becomes evident that these two are more than friends.  Eventually Danglars enters the room, throwing Debray out and then confronting his wife over the Spanish bond ordeal.  It seems he wants reimbursment from Debray for his loss in the bond market.  Later, Danglars tells Madame Danglars that he knows all about her affairs with Debray and others.

Chapter 38:
Danglars goes to visit the Count of Monte Cristo.  Monte Cristo convinces Danglars that Monsiour Cavalcanti is trustworthy enough to lend money to.  Monte Cristo also convinces Monsiour Danglars that his daughter and Albert arent a good match.  The count suggests that Danglars should investigate the family history of Franz.
Chapter 39:Madame Danglars visits Villefort in his office.  Villefort admits that he really didnt bury the child; for when he checked the garden again the child had been taken (by Bertuccio).  Yet the scene ends with Villefort promising to find out who Monte Cristo is and what he wants with their dirty little secret.
Chapter 40: Now Albert visits the Count of Monte Cristo.  Both men agree that Alberts marriage to Danglars daughter will not occur.