The Count of Monte Cristo: Novel Summary: Chapter 31-35

Chapter 31-35
Chapter 31: In this chapter the count receives a stranger into his home.   Bartolomeo Cavacanti is this stranger.  This man was a major in the Austrian service.  A strange father and son ordeal continues throughout the chapter, and the reader is led to believe that the count has a trick up his sleeve.  The supposed father and son really dont know each other, but are glad to accept money from the count in exchange for playing the parts.
Chapter 32: Valentine Villefort (Villeforts daughter) and Maximilien (Morrels son) meet in a secret place in the Villefort garden.  It seems Valentine is meant to marry Franz but she doesnt love him or want to marry.  Her true love is Maximilien.  The scene ends with Valentine running back to her room through the garden.

Chapter 33:
This scene begins in the room of Monsieur Noirtier, who sits in a wheel-chair and communicates with his eyes.  Valentine, his grandaughter, is said to be his only reason to live.  When Villefort tells his father, Noirtier, about Valentines coming marriage to Franz, Noirtier becomes enraged.  It seems he has had a grudge against Franzs family for some time. 
Quickly Noirtier calls for a rotary to re-write his will, giving his money to the poor instead of Valentine.
Chapter 34:In this chapter the count invites Villefort and his wife to his country home for a grand party.  Villefort seems hesitant to come (since this is the home where he was nearly stabbed to death by Bertuccio), but finally agrees.
Following a tip from Debray, Villefort sells his Spanish bonds, thinking that Don Carlos has returned.  When, the next day, he finds out that Debrays story is groundless, Villefort has lost hundreds of thousands of francs. 
Chapter 35:This chapter is very exciting; it takes place in the home of Monte Cristo during his party.  When Madame Danglars and Villefort are shown through the gate, Bertuccio recognizes them as the pregnant woman and the man from his story.  Bertuccio is shocked that Villefort is alive, yet hes sure that he is the person he stabbed.  Strangely, Bertuccio also recognizes Andrea, the “son” of the retired major.  It seems Adreas real name is Benedetto.  
Throughout the evening, the count tortures Madame Danglars and Villefort, knowing about their secret affair and the baby they tried to bury to death.  First, the count takes them to the bedroom, pretending to make conjectures about the “sinister” deeds which must have happened there so many years ago.  Later, he takes them to the garden where Villefort thought he buried their son.  The count tells them that during a construction project, a baby skeleton was dug up.  This is too much for Madame Danglars– she turns pale and faints.