The Color Purple: Novel Summary: Chapter 8

Chapter 8
Pages 175-203Celie’s pants-making business is becoming quite profitable.  Again, this is a symbol of her newly found independent nature. 
Soon Celie and Shug notice that Grady and Squeak are becoming quite attracted to each other.  Though Grady is married to Shug, no one seems to care whether are not he is faithful to her.   Again, marriage vows seems very informal in this environment.After a few months, Celie returns to visit Sofia.  She also encounters Mr. __ who seems older and more kind than usual.  Slowly the married couple begins to develop a genuine friendship.
On the verge of the second world war, Samuel, Nettie and the children flee Africa to return to England. The mission trip seems to be a failure, yet the black missionaries hope to get more funds from the churches of England. Now tat Corrine is dead, Samuel and Nettie marry one another.