The Color Purple: Novel Summary: Chapter 10

Chapter 10
Pages 226-244Celie accepts Shug’s decision to live her own life.  Partially to replace Shug’s presence, Celie becomes better friends with Mr. __, who seems very laid back and conciliatory.  The couple discusses Africa.  They also discuss the pants business, which has grown even larger, since Alphonso’s store is now operated by Celie.In Africa, Adam and Tashi return from the jungle and decide to get married and move to America.The conclusion of the story is basically just a huge love-fest. Shug returns, tired of her boyfriend, and she reinitiates her relationship with Celie. Nettie and her new family also return, and Celie sees her children for the first time in many years. Everyone is happy; for the first time even Celie feels profoundly satisfied with her life.