The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep: Chapter: 3,4

ThreeMarlowe enters the overly white, overly ornamented room that belongs to Vivian Sternwood Regan and notes, in his characteristically laconic fashion, that the heavy air promises rain. Vivian has arranged herself on a chaise-longue to appeal, with her long, shapely legs on display. Lovely and strong, Vivian sips her drink and appraises Marlowe with a …

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The Big Sleep: Chapter: 1,2

OneThe brash first-person narrator of the novel sets the opening scene: on a rainy morning in mid-October, Philip Marlowe, private detective, is dressed to meet a new client: “I was neat, clean, shaved and sober,” he declares, “and I didn’t care who knew it.” Marlowe arrives at 11 at the lavishly adorned but largely empty …

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