The Alchemist (Johnson): Act 5, Scene 1

Summary of Act 5, scene 1
Lovewit, the owner of the house, returns to London from the country after six weeks. He asks the neighbors what has been going on. They tell him that many people have been seen going in and out. There are noises at night. They have not seen the butler, Jeremy. Lovewit decides to break down the door and asks the smith to get his tools. He tries to knock one more time.
Commentary on Act 5, scene 1
All the scheming has been behind closed doors. Now here is a street scene with the neighborhood impressions of what has happened while Lovewit was gone.
They have heard strange cries in the night, and one humorously supposes the cries had to do with Face’s side business with Doll Common. Lovewit, however, seems more amused than alarmed as he explains, “I love a teeming wit, as I love my nourishment” (line 16). As long as Jeremy has not sold his goods, Lovewit seems content to guess what mischief he could be up to—is he a  Puritan preacher, or is he running a bawdy show? A circus? Lovewit seems tolerant, and his name is the key to his character.