The Alchemist (Johnson): Act 2, Scene 6

Summary of Act 2, scene 6
Drugger comes back asking for a cure of the worms. Instead, he gets a lecture on how to make a shop sign that will increase business. Drugger wants to bring his friends to see the alchemist—a young man (Kestrel) and his widowed sister (Dame Pliant), who have come from the country to learn city ways. Kestrel wants to learn the art of quarreling according to the fashionable code of the “angry boys” of London. Drugger wants to know how he can win Kestrel’s sister, the rich widow Pliant. After he leaves, Face and Subtle argue over which of them might marry the widow. They will keep their plans secret from Doll.
Commentary on Act 2, scene 6

The conspirators are as ready to turn against each other as against their victims. Both the country gentleman and his widowed sister are rich and the perfect prey for city con artists. Both are young and want to learn the ways of fashion. The Lady would like to have her fortune told so she can make a suitable marriage. Subtle and Face say they will draw lots for the widow as they draw lots for Doll, but Subtle decides to see the widow first before he decides.