The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Novel Summary: Chapters 34-36

Chapters 34-36
 Chapter 34: Tom and Huck discover that Jim is being kept in a shed behind the house, and they go to the shed, telling him that they are planning to dig him out.
Chapter 35: Going that evening to dig Jim free, Tom realizes that it will be too easy to accomplish their plan. So, instead of freeing him as quickly as possible, Tom convinces Huck that they must reenact certain escape scenes about which he has read in books. Huck agrees, but really wonders why they have to go through all of this when setting Jim free would be so easy without all the pomp and circumstance.
Chapter 36: The escape antics continue over the next few days, much to Huck and Jims befuddlement. Both, however, go along with what Tom says.>