The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Novel Summary: Chapters 28-30

Chapters 28-30
 Chapter 28: In this chapter Huck meets with Mary Jane, one of the Wilks girls with whom he has become especially close, and he tells her that the king and duke are frauds and that he has taken the money from them. He writes a note to her telling her where he has hidden the gold.
By the end of the chapter, real trouble for the king and duke has come with the arrival of the legitimate heirs. It seems a confrontation will soon follow.
Chapter 29: To make a long story short, theres a lengthy dispute between the two pairs of heirs. As time passes, however, it becomes increasingly clear that the king and duke are frauds. All of the tension comes to a fountainhead at the burial of Peter Wilks, where the gold is discovered.
Leaving the king and duke to pay the penalty for their fraudulent scheming, Huck breaks free from the group and runs back to the river, where Jim has been waiting for him. Unfortunately, the king and duke follow him to the raft, angry that Huck was trying to give them the slip.”
Chapter 30: So the foursome continues its journey down river, free from the town, but with the king and dukes scheme utterly foiled. Taking the pressure off of Huck for a moment, the king and duke argue amongst themselves, now suspecting each other of betrayal.