The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn: Novel Summary: Chapters 25-27

Chapters 25-27
 Chapter 25: They arrive at the house, pretending to be the brothers of the deceased, and they seem to fool everyone in the town. The king gives a speech, where he even brings himself to tears over the apparent death of his brother. One man, however, the family physician, doesnt believe that these men are genuine, but tells the town that they must be frauds. Their English accents, for one, dont seem quite authentic to his trained ear. Luckily for the king and duke, however, the town doesnt believe the doctor, but rallies behind them instead.
Chapter 26: The king and duke, now in one of the Wilks private rooms, plot their next move. A bag of gold has come into their possession and they decide to hide it for safe-keeping. Huck, however, feels guilty and partially responsible for the scheme, since he is with the king and duke. He decides to hide the gold himself to prevent the king and duke from getting their hands onto it.
Chapter 27: Now with the bag of gold, Huck proceeds to find a place to hide it. Unfortunately, someone is heard approaching from another room, and fearing that he will be caught with the bag in his hand, he is forced to hide the gold in the casket itself.
Soon the funeral ceremony takes place, and though many people are near the casket, no one seems to discover the gold.
Planning their getaway, the king and duke realize that the gold is no longer where they had hidden it. They interrogate Huck about the matter, but they ultimately come to believe that some of the house slaves must have stolen the gold.>