Tangerine: Novel Summary: Summary

IntroductionPaul Fisher is moving with his family from Houston, Texas, to Florida. His father and his brother, Erik, have already made the move. As Paul and Mom get the last things out of the house, Paul remembers a frightening incident from the past, in which as he was bicycling home in the early evening he was almost hit by a man in the passenger side of a car who was wielding a baseball bat. The man was wearing a ski mask but Paul believes he was Erik, his brother. When he got home he told his parents that Erik tried to kill him, but they pointed out that Erik was sitting quietly at the dining table, doing his homework. Paul’sparents also pointed out that Paul had poor eyesight. (He wears thick glasses.) But Paul insisted that he could see things his parents could not. AnalysisThe introduction creates a sense of mystery about what might have happened to Paul in the past. He seems to know that something happened that he has forgotten. He thinks he remembers a strange incident involving his brother Erik. The narrative will return to this mystery many times. Paul wears thick glasses. Did something happen that affected his vision? The introduction certainly shows there is no love lost between Paul and his older brother. Erik remarks that Paul is trying to blame him for something again.