Tangerine: Novel Summary: Part 3: December 2,3,4

Part 3:Saturday, December 2Shandra tells Paul that her brother Antoine does not live in Lake Windsor, even though he plays for Lake Windsor football team. He lives in Tangerine. He has lied about where he lives, and he is upset about it. Shandra plays for Tangerine, and she never wants any publicity in the newspaper about her, for fear of giving Antoine away. Antoine goes to Mr. Donnelly, the reporter, and confesses the truth. It will be in the newspaper the following day. Paul also guesses that Antoine will go to the sheriff’s office and report that he was a witness to the attack on Luis.Sunday, December 3The scandal about Antoine illegally playing for Lake Windsor breaks. As a result, all the Lake Windsor victories in which Antoine took part are nullified. All the records they had set were nullified too, including Erik’s. Apparently, the fact that Antoine lived in Tangerine was an open secret, but everyone looked the other way.AnalysisThe scandal about eligibility results in a tough punishment for Antoine and the school. It also reveals the socioeconomic differences between the two communities of Tangerine and Lake Windsor. The big-time scouts don’t bother watching Tangerine, so if a football player there wants to have a college football career at a top school, he has to pretend that he lives in Lake Windsor. Technically, Antoine is in the wrong, but the practice has been going on for a long time and is a way of providing more equal opportunity for the young players.Sunday, December 3, laterAt a meeting at their house, at which Erik and Arthur are present, Paul’s mom announces that she discovered in a gym bag in her storage bin some of the items that had been stolen from houses in the neighborhood, including jewelry and watches. She reported this to the police. She tells the meeting that Erik and Arthur are the thieves. Dad announces a plan to make restitution to those whose property was stolen. If everyone agrees to it, the police will not pursue charges. Reluctantly, those who have been the victims of the crimes accept the plan.After the meeting breaks up, two police officers arrive and arrest Arthur in connection with the murder of Luis. Paul tells one of the officers that the weapon used was a blackjack. He goes on to tell the officer all the details of what he saw when Arthur slugged Luis after Erik told him to do it. The officer asks Erik if that is true, and Erik nods. The officer tells Erik’s dad to ensure that Erik stays in the house as he may be questioned later.Paul’s grandparents arrive, and they hear the entire story. Grandpop says they should have disciplined Erik a long time ago.AnalysisThere is satisfaction for the reader here, in that Erik and Arthur finally get their comeuppance. Erik’s football dream is in ruins but he only has himself to blame.Monday, December 4At Tangerine Middle School, Tino and Victor are waiting to go into in the principal’s office, facing the consequences of what they did. Paul waits outside with Theresa, who says he messed up by jumping on the coach. Victor and Tino go into the office, and in a few minutes it is Paul’s turn. The principal, Dr. Johnson, tells him that he is to be expelled from the school for attacking a teacher. Victor and Tino are suspended for three weeks. As Paul leaves the school all the tough kids congratulate him. On the way home, Mom tells him he is to enrolled in St. Anthony’s, the Catholic school. Paul is not too keen on the idea. They go to the mall and Mom buys Paul lots of new clothes.AnalysisAs the consequences of the rumpus at the senior awards continues to play out, Victor and Tino are not likely to suffer much from their three-week suspension. In getting expelled, Paul becomes a hero to the tough kids who once regarded him with suspicion. It is a harsh punishment for him, but his resourceful mother finds him another school straightaway, which will be his third school in just over three months. His life is nothing if not eventful.