Silas Marner: Novel Summary: Chapter 11

Eliot begins chapter eleven with a characterization of Nancy Lammeter, Godfrey’s love interest. Of course she is beautiful— this is perhaps the most important characteristic, at least as far as Godfrey is concerned. Nancy, however is upset with Godfrey for leading her on. Since she obviously doesn’t know about his secret marriage to Molly, she is naturally very confused at his behavior. Nancy thinks to herself about Godfrey, saying “…Mr. Godfrey Cass was, sometimes behaving as if he didn’t want to speak to her, and taking no notice of her for weeks and weeks, and then, all of a sudden, almost making love again?”
The rest of the chapter is devoted to boring scenes in which the ladies dress themselves and gossip about each others’ appearance. Soon the party begins with a dinner, in which Godfrey, acting very awkward, almost melts in Nancy’s presence.