Silas Marner: Character Profiles

Silas Marner: Silas is the main character and protagonist of the story. When shunned from his town and church after being falsely accused of robbery, Silas is forced to migrate to another town, Raveloe, where he lives as a hermit weaver. Soon his small fortune of gold becomes an obsessive endeavor. The monotony and repetition of weaving helps Silas forget his old, unpleasant life, leaving him with nothing but his gold. This all changes, however, when a blond-haired girl finds her way into his home and heart.
Squire Cass: The Squire, father of four sons, including Godfrey and Dunstan, is the good-natured owner of the Red House. Mr. Cass is intent on keeping his family legacy intact and therefore is very demanding on his sons, who never seem to live up to his expectations.
Godfrey Cass: Godfrey is the first-born son of the Squire who eventually marries Nancy, his life-long sweetheart. Before this marriage, however, Godfrey fathers another child in a secret marriage to Molly Farren. This child, Eppie, is eventually found and brought up by Silas Marner, who knows nothing of her family history until the end of the story.
Dunstan Cass: Dunstan, “a spiteful, jeering fellow who seemed to enjoy his drink the more when other people went dry,” is the second-born son of the Squire who always finds himself getting into mischief. Eventually he steals Silas Marner’s two sacks of gold and soon falls into a stone pit filled with water, drowning and leaving his body and the gold hidden for sixteen years.
Nancy Lammeter: Nancy is the wife of Godfrey but doesn’t know about his secret marriage and child until long after their wedding day.
Eppie: Eppie is the golden-haired daughter of Godfrey who is raised by Silas from the age of two. She is the true joy of Silas Marner’s life, and sees herself as his daughter. Eppie replaces the weaver’s obsession with gold and brings him back to a socially active life.
Mrs. Winthrop: She is the neighbor and friend of Silas who teaches him how to care for Eppie. Mrs. Winthrop, though not very sophisticated in her speech or knowledge of religion, persuades Silas to trust in God no matter what happens to him, good or bad.
Aaron Winthrop: He is the son of Mrs. Winthrop and the eventual husband of Eppie and son-in-law to Silas. Aaron pledges to help Silas and Eppie with their garden and other household chores.
Molly Farren: This woman is the secret wife of Godfrey and mother of his child, Eppie. When she attempts to walk to the Red House to confront Godfrey during the New Years party, she dies from exhaustion, leaving Eppie to walk by chance ino the home of Silas Marner.
William Dane: This man is the childhood best friend to Silas but double-crosses him, forcing the weaver to flee from the church and his life in Lantern Yard.