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Shane: Biography

Jack Warren Schaefer was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on November 19, 1907. He was the son of a lawyer. As a child, one of Schaefer’s main hobbies was reading. He read classic authors such as Charles Dickens and Alexander Dumas. At Oberlin College, Schaefer majored in English and received a bachelor’s degree in 1929. He …

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Shane: Top Ten Quotes

“A man who watches what is going on around him will make his mark.” p. 6 Shane speaks to Bob for the first time. He has just noted that Bob was watching him for a long time as he approached the farm. The remark makes a big impact on Bob, and it marks the beginning …

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Shane: Theme

Growing UpOne aspect of the story is the way Shane helps Bob to grow up, showing him what it is to be a man. Looking back in adulthood, Bob realizes how strong an influence Shane was on him all those years ago. “I wanted more and more to be like Shane,” Bo says (chapter 5). …

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Shane: Metaphor

The BiscuitsWhen Marian makes biscuits and delivers them to Joe and Shane as they are working at the stump, Joe is extremely careful to divide them exactly equally. There are an uneven number of biscuits, so he splits the remaining one down the middle with his axe. All this is done without a word passing …

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Shane: Character

Will Atkey Will Atkey is the bartender at Sam Grafton’s saloon. Chris Chris is one of Fletcher’s cowhands, known for his courageous but rather impetuous nature. In the saloon, he tries to pick a fight with Shane but Shane will not rise to the bait. On a second occasion, however, a fight does take place …

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Shane: Summary: Chapter 16

Chapter 16Bob looks back from his present perspective at the impact Shane made on the valley and on him. The shooting of Wilson and Fletcher became something of a legend in the valley, acquiring new details and stories. Shane is the subject of much speculation. Bob would always remember Shane. Shane was there for him …

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Shane: Summary: Chapter 15

Chapter 15When Bob gets back home, Mr. Weir explains to Joe, who has recovered consciousness and has a bruise on his head, and Marian what happened at the saloon. He says that Shane is alive but has left the valley and no one knows where he has gone.Chris rushes into the kitchen. He says that …

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Shane: Summary: Chapter 14

Chapter 14Shane rides into town. Bob cannot resist the impulse to follow, and he runs after him. Shane sees him and tells him to go home. But Bob ignores his instruction and follows him into town. Shane enters the saloon. Bob adopts his usual perch in the general store where he can see into the …

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Shane: Summary: Chapter 13

Chapter 13It seems inevitable that Joe will go to Grafton’s saloon that night and tell Fletcher no. But he will also have to face Wilson. Joe says that if Wilson is killed, Fletcher will be defeated. Joe adds that he cannot beat Wilson on the draw, but he hopes that although he will be shot …

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