Seize the Day: Top Ten Quotes

“Old people are bound to change, he said. They have hard things to think about. They must prepare for where they are going.” p. 15 (Fawcett edition, 1956).
Wilhelm tries to make excuses for his father.
“. . . love that well which thou must leave ere long.” p. 16
Wilhelm recalls a snatch of poetry (by Shakespeare) from his college days.
“It was getting so that people were feeble-minded about everything except money. p. 41
Wilhelms thoughts as he sits with his father and Mr. Perls at breakfast.
“Carry nobody on your back.” p. 61
Dr. Adlers advice to his son.
“Ass! Idiot! Wild boar! Dumb mule! Slave! Lousy, wallowing hippopotamus!” p. 62
The names Wilhelm calls himself after he leaves the breakfast table.
“Money-making is aggression. Thats the whole thing. . . . people come to the market to kill. They say, Im going to make a killing.” p. 76
Dr. Tamkin speaks to Wilhelm.
“Every other man spoke a language entirely his own, which he had figured out by private thinking; he had his own ideas and peculiar ways.” p. 91
Wilhelms thoughts about New York.
“Nature only knows one thing, and thats the present. Present, present, eternal present, like a big, huge, giant wave-colossal, bright and beautiful, full of life and death, climbing into the sky, standing in the seas.” p. 97
Dr. Tamkin explains his philosophy of living in the present.
“You can spend the entire second half of your life recovering from the mistakes of the first half.” p. 100
Wilhelm to Dr. Tamkin.
“I want to tell you, dont marry suffering. Some people do. They get married to it, and sleep and eat together, just as husband and wife. If they go with joy they think its adultery.” p. 106
Dr. Tamkins advice to Wilhelm.