Richard III: Novel Summary: Act 4 Scene 3

Act 4, scene 3Tyrrel enters. He hired two ruffians who have killed the two princes in the Tower. Richard enters and Tyrrel gives him the news. Richard asks whether he actually saw them dead, and he says yes. The corpses are buried, he says, but he does not know where.Tyrrel exits, and Richard reviews the situation: Clarence’s son is imprisoned; Clarence’s daughter is married to a man of no account; Edward’s sons are dead; Anne is dead, or as good as (he gives no details). All that remains is for him to marry Elizabeth, which he must do speedily, since Richmond also has designs  on her.Ratcliffe enters with the news that Morton, the Bishop of Ely, has joined Richmond, and Buckingham has raised an army against Richard. Richard is more troubled by the developing strength of Richmond than he is by Buckingham. He decides to act quickly and tells Ratcliffe to raise an army.

AnalysisEvents are moving swiftly now and most appear to be in Richard’s favor. But he has reason to be worried about Richmond and is not yet secure on the throne. Needless to say, his malevolence has reached new heights with the murder of the young princes. Only on the throne for a short while, he has become a bloodthirsty tyrant.