Richard III: Novel Summary: Act 2 Scene 4

Act 2, scene 4Queen Elizabeth, her mother-in-law the Duchess of York, and the Archbishop of York talk about what is happening. The archbishop says that the young prince will be in London by the next day or the day after that. A messenger enters, interrupting some playful talk between the adults and the Queen’s young son (the young Duke of York). The messenger reports that the prince’s escorts, Rivers, Grey, and Sir Thomas Vaughan have been imprisoned at Pomfret on the orders of Buckingham and Richard. This means that the latter pair have taken control of the prince. Fearful of their future, the Queen (the prince’s mother) decides to seek sanctuary and take her son with her. The duchess says she will come, too. The archbishop says he will do everything in his power to protect them.AnalysisThe plot moves swiftly forward as Richard takes a clear step toward seizing the throne. He is now in control of the young heir to the throne and has some of his enemies imprisoned.