Pride and Prejudice: Novel Summary: Chapters 5-8

Chapter 5: Sir William and Lady Lucas are further introduced.  They have many children, and their oldest daughter Charlotte, is a good friend of Elizabeths. The Miss Lucases and the Miss Bennets discuss the ball, dwelling much on the pride of Mr. Darcy.  It is said that he sat next to a woman without talking to her for half an hour, and the story of his rudeness to Elizabeth is related to the others. 
Chapter 6: The Bennet sisters get to know Miss Bingley and Mrs. Hurst more, and while Bingleys sisters would like to know Jane and Elizabeth better, they have no use for their mother or their two younger sisters. Elizabeth tells Charlotte that she thinks it is good that Jane does not flaunt her good feelings for Bingley, and Charlotte says that she should show them more if she wishes anything to come of it.  While Elizabeth is busy taking note of the relationship between Bingley and her sister, she does not notice the increased interest Darcy has in her.  While at first he found her merely tolerable, he now finds her more pleasing, and desires to get to know her more.  At a party at Sir Williams, the host tries to get the two to dance, and Darcy is willing, but Elizabeth turns him down.  Miss Bingley then discovers Darcys admiration for Elizabeth. 
Chapter 7: Catherine (Kitty) and Lydia, the two youngest Bennet sisters often visit Mrs. Phillips (their mothers sister) in Meryton, as it is only one mile away.  From her they learn that a militia regiment is stationed in Meryton.  Every day they learn more about the officers, and they soon become acquainted with some of them.  Miss Bingley and Mrs. Hurst invite Jane to Netherfield for dinner.  Her mother plans that Jane should go on horseback instead of in the carriage, so that she will have to stay the night if it rains.  It does rain, and Jane gets wet and stays, and the next morning there is a note to her family saying she is ill.  Elizabeth walks the three miles to see her sister, and as her sister has a violent cold and was unwilling to part with her, the Bingleys invite Elizabeth to stay there as well.
Chapter 8: The Bingley sisters abuse Elizabeth when she is not around for what they see as pride and a lack of manners.  They feel sorry for Jane because of her family and its lack of connections to make her a good match. Later in the evening at a card game between the Hursts, the Bingleys and Darcy, details about Darcys estate, Pemberley, and of his sister are given.