Pride and Prejudice: Novel Summary: Chapters 29-32

Chapter 29: The next day Collins talks about on how lucky they all are that they were invited to dine so soon after arriving.  They walk to Lady Catherines, and Sir William and Maria are quite nervous.  Mr. Collins admires and compliments everything, and Lady Catherine is gratified by the admiration.  After dinner Lady Catherine asks Charlotte about domestic concerns, giving her advice on even the smallest details about running her house.  She then asks Elizabeth many questions, and is quite surprised to find out that they had no governess in a house with five girls.  Lady Catherine is shocked at Elizabeth and how she does not answer all of her questions directly, but rather sometimes trifles with her.
Chapter 30: Sir William returns home when he sees that his daughter is comfortably settled with her husband.  Now and then Lady Catherine comes to visit and advise Charlotte on how to do things differently at her house.  The party dines at Rosings about twice a week, and a few weeks later Darcy comes to visit.  He brings with him his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam.  Darcy soon comes to visit at the Collins, and Elizabeth asks him how it happened that her sister Jane could be in London for three months and he never happened to see her there.  He looks confused at the question and says that he had not had the fortune to meet her there, and pursues the subject no more.
Chapter 31: Since the arrival of Darcy and Fitzwilliam, the party at the parish had been little invited to Rosings.  When they are finally invited, Lady Catherine makes it “plain that their company was by no means so acceptable as when she could get nobody else.” During this visit, Darcy is curious to see how well Elizabeth and Fitzwilliam are getting along, and when Elizabeth plays the piano, he moves his chair to be closer to her in order to converse.  Elizabeth notices that Darcy does not seem to show any love for Miss De Bourgh who he is supposedly to marry, and thinks that he could just as likely marry Miss Bingley, whom he also shows no preference for although she desires his affection.
Chapter 32: The next morning Elizabeth is sitting by herself and is surprised by a visit from Darcy, who explains that he did not know she was alone. In their embarrassed state, Elizabeth asks Darcy if Mr. Bingley is planning on ever returning to Netherfield, and Darcy says that he would not be surprised if Bingley gave up the house.  When Charlotte and her sister return, Darcy excuses himself. Darcy and Fitzwilliam visit the parsonage quite frequently, and while Elizabeth feels that Fitzwilliam comes because he has pleasure in their company, she does not understand why Darcy visits.