Pride and Prejudice: Novel Summary: Chapters 25-28

Chapter 25: Mr. Collins returns to his parish, and soon Mrs. Bennets brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner arrive for the Christmas holidays.  Mrs. Gardiner is close to Elizabeth and Jane, and when she learns of all that has happened with Jane and Bingley, she invites Jane to stay with them in London for a while. 
Chapter 26: Mrs. Gardiner warns Elizabeth to be on her guard around Wickham, encouraging her not to let her fancy run away with her and not to disappoint her father.  Mr. Collins returns to Longbourn, and he and Charlotte are married and return to Kent, after Charlotte asks Elizabeth to come and see her.  Jane has now been in London for four weeks, and has not seen Bingley or heard from his sister.  Jane believes that Bingley would have come to see her if he cared for her, and when Caroline Bingley continues to make excuses why she cannot visit, Jane is no longer deceived by the friendship. Elizabeth writes to Mrs. Gardiners queries about Wickham that Wickham has found another to admire, a woman that has some money, unlike Elizabeth.
Chapter 27: January and February pass with no great events, and in March Elizabeth prepares to visit Charlotte with Sir William and Maria, his other daughter.  They spend a night in London on the way, so Elizabeth is able to visit Jane and Mrs. Gardiner.  Elizabeth finds Jane healthful, but Mrs. Gardiner says that Jane has periods of dejection, and that Jane has given up the acquaintance with Miss Bingley.  Elizabeth accepts an invitation by Mrs. Gardiner to join her and her husband on a vacation tour in the summer.
Chapter 28: Elizabeth, Sir William and Maria arrive at the Parsonage, and Collins and Charlotte greet them and show them around the grounds.  Collins shows everything to Elizabeth as if he is showing her what she is missing for having refused him. They are all asked to dine at Rosings with Lady Catherine the next day.