Pride and Prejudice: Novel Summary: Chapter 61

Chapter 61: Mrs. Bennet is happy on the day that she marries off two of her daughters, and talks much of Mrs. Bingley and Mrs. Darcy.  Mr. Bennet misses Elizabeth at home, so he often visits Pemberley.  Bingley and Jane remain at Netherfield a short time, but then buy an estate within thirty miles of Pemberley.  Kitty spends much time with both of her elder sisters, and away from the influence of Lydia, her improvement in manners and temper is great.  Lydia often invites Kitty to visit her, but Mr. Bennet will not allow it. Wickham and Lydia are often wanting for money, and ask often for it from Elizabeth and Jane, who provide some.  Wickhams affection for Lydia soon sinks into indifference, while Lydias affection lasts a little longer.  Lydia is occasionally a visitor at Pemberley, but Wickham is not invited there.  Mary is the only daughter left at home, and she is forced by Mrs. Bennet, who does not want to be alone, to forgo some of her books for time with her.
Miss Bingley is mortified by Darcys marriage to Elizabeth, but as she wants to still be welcome at Pemberley, she tries to be civil.  Miss Darcy lives now at Pemberley, and she and Elizabeth form an attachment as Darcy had hoped they would. The marriage of her nephew to Elizabeth angers Lady Catherine, but eventually the curiosity of how Elizabeth conducts herself as Darcys wife is too great, and she visits Pemberley.  Darcy and Elizabeth are always on intimate terms with the Gardiners, as they have the warmest gratitude towards the persons who by bringing Elizabeth to visit Pemberley, had been the means of uniting them.