Phaedo: Character Profiles

Socrates: The central character in this story, awaiting his death in an Athenian jail surrounded by friends.  He takes up discussion with Cebes and Simmias on various topics.  Always in a good spirit, Socrates again fails to disappoint when he argues so eloquently as only Socrates can.  He faces death head on with no fear, and comforts his friends by reminding them that it is the profession of a philosopher to practice death so that when the time comes there is nothing to fear.  He calmly drinks the Hemlock and keeps his wits about him even at the very end.
Phaedo: An interlocutor on his way home to Elis who tells the story of Socrates final hours to a group of Pythagoreans.
Crito : A fellow discussant of Socrates and the others, who plays a much bigger role in the dialogue of his own name, the Crito.
Simmias: Also present at Socrates death, he makes an objection to Socrates views about the immortality of the soul.  He is a Pythagorean follower from Thebes.
Cebes: The friend of Simmias who is also from Thebes and is a follower of the Pythagorean school of philosophy.
Echecrates: A Pythagorean who meets Phaedo in Philius, in the Peloponnese.  He is eager to hear about Socrates final hours and death, which Phaedo gladly tells to him and the other Pythagoreans in the area.