Parable of the Sower: Top Ten Quotes

God is Power-
And yet, God is Pliable-
God exists to be shaped.
God is Change. Ch. 3
Laurens early attempt to express her thoughts about God.
“I wonder how many years it will be before we see rain again.” Ch. 5
Laurens comment after the four-day period of rain comes to an end.
“The reports say that it makes watching a fire better than sex. I dont know whether the reporters are condemning it or advertising it.” Ch. 5
Laurens comment about the new drug pyro that makes people want to start fires.
“And the Destiny of Earthseed is to take root among the stars.” Ch. 7
Laurens thoughts about the ultimate destiny of the human race.
“Freedom is dangerous . . . but its precious too. You cant just throw it away or let it slip away. You cant sell it for bread and pottage.” Ch. 11
Reverend Olamina, Laurens father, after he rejects the idea of moving to the company town of Olivar.
“Ive read books about them [dogs] being intelligent, loyal pets, but thats all in the past, Dogs now are wild animals who will eat a baby if they can.” Ch. 17
Laurens comment after Travis and Gloria and the baby are attacked by dogs.
“Theres comfort in realizing that everyone and everything yields to God. Theres power in knowing that God can be focused, diverted, shaped by anyone at all.” Ch. 18
Lauren explains her ideas to Travis.
“What I am now, all that I am now, is Earthseed.” Ch. 21
Lauren explains to Bankole her passionate commitment to her new community.
“It looked so peaceful, and yet people out there were trying to kill each other, and no doubt succeeding. Strange how normal its become for us to lie on the ground and listen while nearby, people try to kill each other.” Ch. 21
Lauren reflects as she listens to a gun battle and looks out at the trees moving in the evening breeze.
“God is Change, and in the end, God does prevail. But we have something to say about the whens and the whys of that end.” Ch. 24
Laurens thoughts after she has led a discussion of Earthseed philosophy.