Othello: Novel Summary: Act 5 Scene 2

Othello wakes Desdemona up, and accuses her of adultery.  She denies it, and he kills her as she protests her innocence.  He smothers her, because he cannot bear to disfigure her in any way.  Emilia enters, and Desdemona, with her last breath, denies that Othello has killed her.  Othello admits to his crime, and cites Desdemonas adultery.  Emilia screams for help.  Iago enters.  Emilia realizes that she has unwittingly helped Iago to deceive Othello, and she reveals Iagos evil plan.  Othello tries to kill Iago, but fails.  Iago then kills Emilia, his wife.  Othello, filled with guilt, kills himself, and dies after kissing Desdemona.  Iago is arrested, but refuses to confess to his crimes.  He is taken away to be tortured by Cassio.