Othello: Novel Summary: Act 1 Scene 3

First, the warriors discuss the Turkish fleet, and they decide that they need to send out a counter attack.  Then Brabantio and Othello show up, and Othello states his case to the slightly irritated Duke.  Othello claims that they are in love, but Brabantio cries witchcraft.  They call Desdemona to speak for herself, and she says that she loves Othello.  Brabantio grudgingly accepts their marriage.  Then, Othello is sent to the battle with a fleet of ships, and Desdemona is allowed to join him.  Roderigo, who is upset that he has lost his chances with Desdemona, becomes very depressed, but he is encouraged by Iago not to give up but to stalk her when she leaves with Othello. Iago begins to form a more detailed plan of how he can ruin both Cassio and Othello.