Notes from the Underground: Top Ten Quotes

“I am a sick man..  I am a spiteful man.  I am a most unpleasant man.”

“Yes, sir, an intelligent man in the nineteenth century must be, is morally obliged to be, principally a characterless creature; a man possessing character, a man of action, is fundamentally a limited creature.”

“.the most intense pleasures occur in despair..”

“There, in its disgusting, stinking underground, our offended, crushed, and ridiculed mouse immediately plunges into cold, malicious, and, above all, everlasting spitefulness.”

“Then the crystal palace will be built.”

“Ones very own free, unfettered desire, ones own whim, no matter how wild, ones own fantasy, even though sometimes roused to the point of madness-all this constitutes precisely that previously omitted, most advantageous advantage which isnt included under any classification and because of which all systems and theories are constantly smashed to smithereens.”

“.its only reason..”

“.I was her savior and she loved me more than anything in the world.”

“It also occurred to my overwrought brain that now our roles were completely reversed..”

“.Ive only taken to an extreme that which you havent even dared to take halfway..”