Notes from the Underground: Novel Summary: Part 2 Chapter 8-Part 2 Chapter 9

Part 2 Chapter 8-Part 2 Chapter 9Part 2 Chapter 8: Waking the next morning, the UM is surprised at himself for expressing himself to Liza the way he did.  He pays Simonov what he had borrowed from him the previous night, and includes in the repayment a letter of apology for his rude behavior.
After taking care of this, he lapses back into thoughts of Liza.  The UM is genuinely tormented by the idea that she might indeed come to see him, embarrassed by his poverty and indecency.  He does, however, still like to imagine himself as her savior, pretending that she loves him and owes everything to him.
Lastly, the UM describes his hatred for Apollon, his old servant to whom he owes wages.  He cant stand it when Apollon stares at him out of spite, but more importantly, he cant stand the fact that Apollon wont yield to him, or let himself be dominated.
Part 2 Chapter 9: When Liza appears one evening unexpectedly, the Underground Man is horrified.  He explains: “I stood before her, crushed, humiliated, abominably ashamed..” This shame he turns into spite, and he humiliates her, telling her that he was laughing at her that night.
Yet Liza seems to understand him, meaning she realizes how pitiful and vulnerable he is.  When he bursts into tears, she comforts and embraces him.  This causes the UM to realize that instead of him being her hero, she has indeed become his heroine.