Notes from the Underground: Novel Summary: Part 2 Chapter 4-Part 2 Chapter 5

Part 2 Chapter 4-Part 2 Chapter 5Part 2 Chapter 4: Upon arrival, he finds that no one else has come yet.  He is shamed by being the first one, knowing he appears overeager.  When the others arrive an hour later (no one bothered to tell him that the time had been changed to 6pm), the UM has already become greatly offended and ready to argue with his “friends” out of spite.  After a few minutes of conversation, the UM wonders why he has even come, and he begins to argue with them as he gets drunk.  Eventually he even challenges one of them to a duel.  After the dinner, the UM borrows six rubles from Simonov, following the company to a house of prostitution.
Part 2 Chapter 5: Entering the establishment, the Underground Man prepares to start another fight, which can only find resolution in a duel.  Inside he doesnt rendezvous with his acquaintances, however, but notices a certain woman instead.