Much Ado About Nothing: Novel Summary: Act 5, Scene 4

 The next day, Friar Francis is happy that his hunch about Heros innocence is correct.  Leonato asks all the women to withdraw into a chamber and return masked when they are called for.  In the meantime, Benedick confesses his love for Beatrice to the friar and Leonato.  Don Pedro and Claudio arrive at the church and are ready for the wedding.  Antonio escorts the women outside and Claudio is confused at who is to be his future bride, since all the women are masked.  Leonato tells Claudio that he cannot see his new brides face until they have been married.  After the ceremony, the bride takes off her mask, revealing that she is none other than Hero.  Claudio is overcome with joy but is amazed that she is alive.  Friar Francis promises to tell everyone about Heros “death” later on.
Since the mood in the church is so happy, Benedick asks Beatrice to proclaim her love for him.  They both realize that Don Pedro and Hero tricked them into loving each other.  Benedick and Beatrice are happily united and everyone is merry.  A messenger informs the group that Don John has come back with armed men to Messina to fight his brother.  Benedick tells everyone to dance and have fun and forget about Don John until tomorrow.