Meno: Top Ten Quotes

“If I do not know what something is, how could I know what qualities it possesses?” (Socrates)
“Tell me, what is this very thing, Meno, in which they are all the same and do not differ from one another?” (Socrates)
“No one then wants what is bad, Meno, unless he wants to be such.  For what else is being miserable but to desire bad things and secure them?” (Socrates)
“How will you look for it, Socrates, when you do not know at all what it is? How will you aim to search for something you do not know at all? If you should meet with it, how will you know that this is the thing that you did not know?” (Meno)
“As the soul is immortal, has been born often and has seen all things here and in the underworld, there is nothing which it has not learned; so it is in no way surprising that it can recollect the things it knew before,” (Socrates)
“all other human activities depend on the soul, and those of the soul itself depend on wisdom if they are to be good,” (Socrates)
“it would be reasonable to send him to those who practice the craft rather than those who do not,” (Socrates)
“And as long as he has the right opinion about that f which the other has knowledge, he will not be a worse guide than the one who knows, as he has a true opinion, though not knowledge,” (Socrates)
“That is why knowledge is prized higher than correct opinion, and knowledge differs from correct opinion in being tied down,” (Socrates)
“virtue would be neither an inborn quality not taught, but comes to those who possess it as a gift from the gods which is not accompanied by understanding,” (Socrates)