Mansfield Park: Character Profiles

Dr Grant

He is the brother-in-law of the Crawford siblings and the vicar at Mansfield parsonage for the majority of the novel.


Edmund Bertram

Edmund is characterized by his kindness toward Fanny and his somewhat pious outlook. His love for Miss Crawford is undermined by her irreverent view of him becoming a vicar.


Fanny Price

Fanny is the central character of the novel and she is often depicted as dutiful and accepting of the rules she is expected to adhere to. She is also seen to suffer inner turmoil, though, as she keeps her love for Edmund secret and refuses to accept Mr Crawford’s proposal despite pressure from Sir Thomas and, to a lesser extent, Edmund.


Julia Bertram

Julia is often seen to be jealous of her older sister Maria and this is most apparent when Mr Crawford overlooks her in preference for Maria.


Lady Bertram

This character is indolent and is dependent on others for her entertainment and comfort. She offers her children and niece Fanny little guidance or support and this is another aspect of her childlike behavior. She is the sister of Mrs Norris and of Fanny’s mother, Mrs Price. 


Maria Bertram

Maria is the eldest Bertram daughter and compared to Fanny she is seen to have wealth and opportunities that she has not had access to. Her downfall, that is her adultery with Mr Crawford, is depicted as being at one with the way she has been raised. She has been both showered with unquestioning praise by her aunt, Mrs Norris, and has learned to be deceptive to avoid the severity of her father.


Miss Mary Crawford

Miss Crawford attracts Edmund with her lively spirit and yet this is ultimately her undoing as he rejects the way she sees her brother’s adultery as a ‘folly’ rather than a sin.


Mr Henry Crawford

He is a flirtatious and unthinking character that appears to come to love Fanny earnestly and yet is tempted into running away with Maria. He is depicted as lacking constancy and this is proven when their departure together causes a scandal that reaches the newspapers.


Mr Rushworth

This is the hapless husband of Maria and he is made a cuckold when she runs away with Mr Crawford.


Mrs Grant

Mrs Grant is the half-sister of the Crawford siblings and is married to Dr Grant. 


Mrs Norris

Mrs Norris is a sister of Lady Bertram and is depicted throughout as mean spirited and this finds its vent in her treatment of Fanny. She is also characterized as having had a detrimental effect on the Bertram girls in that she has always encouraged their sense of superiority and lack of understanding of duty.


Sir Thomas

He is a patriarchal figure and only latterly comes to learn how his unbending attitude to his daughters in particular has influenced their rebellious acts.


Susan Price

Susan is a younger sister of Fanny and plays a minor role toward the end of the novel. She comes to Mansfield Park on the grace of the Bertrams and becomes Lady Bertram’s companion once Fanny marries Edmund.


Tom Bertram

He is the eldest Bertram child and at the beginning of the novel we learn that he is selfish and profligate with his father’s money. It is only after a life-threatening illness that he becomes more responsible and believes he should never have instigated the theater at Mansfield Park.


William Price

William is the adored brother of Fanny and a representative of independence and hard work. He is a contrasting figure that serves to emphasize the mercenary and selfish mannerisms of other characters such as Tom (before his illness) and Mr Crawford.