Major Barbara

Major Barbara: Essay Q&A

1. Examine the relationship between Stephen and his mother, Lady Britomart. Major Barbara begins with just Stephen and his mother on stage as they discuss the necessity for his father to give the children more financial help. The stage directions and dialogue make it apparent that Lady Britomart dominates Stephen through commands and complaints. By …

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Major Barbara: Act 3 Part 2

    Summary A description of Perivale St Andrews is given, which is where the cannon works is based. It lies between two Middlesex hills and is an almost smokeless town of white walls, tall trees and domes. It is ‘beautifully situated and beautiful in itself.’ The foundry is described and Barbara is standing on …

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Major Barbara: Act 3 Part 1

    Summary Act III begins the next day after lunch with Lady Britomart writing in the library in Wilton Crescent. Sarah is reading in the armchair and Barbara is on the settee ‘in ordinary fashionable dress, pale and brooding’. Lomax enters and notes with a start that Barbara is not wearing her uniform. Sarah …

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