Main Street

Main Street: Essay Q&A

1. What aspects of the novel might have angered residents of small towns in America at the time of its publication? Lewis explicit suggestion, via Carol and Miles Bjornstam, that the towns people were essentially leeches exploiting the farmers would have most likely upset the bankers and merchants in many small towns who felt they …

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Main Street: Top Ten Quotes

The narrator commenting on young Carol Milford: “The days of pioneering, of lassies in sunbonnets, and bears killed with axes in piney clearings, are deader now than Camelot; and a rebellious girl is the spirit of that bewildered empire called the American Middlewest.” (page 3) Miles Bjornstams opinion of Gopher Prairie: “Miss Sherwins trying to …

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Main Street: Character Profiles

Carol Milford Kennicott: The novels central character. After finishing college and working as a librarian in St. Paul, MN, Carol marries a country doctor, Will Kennicott, and moves to Gopher Prairie where she ineffectually tries to change the town to suit her idealized vision of small town life. Will Kennicott: The youngest of three physicians in Gopher …

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