Macbeth: Novel Summary: Act 5, Scene 5-Act 5, Scene 6

Act 5, Scene 5: Inside the castle, Macbeth prepares to do battle with Malcolm and Macduff.  He learns that Lady Macbeth has committed suicide and hardly mourns her death.  He is hardened by his newfound life as a criminal and is thus devoid of all proper emotion and compassion for his wife.  A messenger interrupts Macbeths reverie and tells him that he saw the trees of Birnam Wood moving towards the castle.  In reality, this is Malcolms army carrying the trees before itself.  Not believing what the messenger says, Macbeth looks out the window to verify his statement.  To his horror, the messenger is right.  He resolves to fight Malcolm and Macduff anyway and die honorably.
Act 5, Scene 6: The rebel army has reached Macbeths castle at Dunsinane.  Malcolm orders Siward and his son to lead the men into the castle.  Malcolm and Macduff will remain behind to finish off everyone else.