Lord Jim: Character Profiles

Brown is an opportunistic thief and murderer who comes to Patusan accidentally. His attack on Dain Waris and his men leads to Jim’s decision to sacrifice himself before Doramin.
This is the step-father of Jewel and is depicted as a selfish, morally-degenerate man. At the end of the novel he plots against Jim and this leads to the death of both men.
Dain Waris
Dain Waris is the son of Doramin and is characterized as brave and faithful. He and his men are ambushed by Brown’s gang and he is killed by a shot to the forehead.
As the father of Dain Waris, he shoots Jim after the murder of his son.
Jewel is the step-daughter of Cornelius and the lover of Jim. She loves him jealously and guards over him in his sleep as she fears he will leave as other men (such as her father) have done before.
Jim (Lord Jim, Tuan Jim)
Jim is the eponymous hero and central protagonist. As a young boy, he dreamed of heroic adventures and his decision to jump from the ship he believed to be sinking shapes his life because of the ensuing disappointment in himself.
He is used as a diplomat of sorts to talk to Brown and his men when they appear at Patusan. He has his own agenda and betrays his people.
The complex narrative is delivered through Marlow and the reader’s view of Jim is shaped by his perspective. He is his friend and also helps him to secure positions after the inquiry.
Jim is given the opportunity to settle in Patusan through Stein’s influence. Stein gives him a silver ring (which is a parting gift from Doramin) to help as an introduction to the people there.
Tamb’ Itam
This is the faithful servant of Jim in Patusan.