Little Women: Novel Summary: Chapter 44- Chapter 46

 Chapter 44: Laurie and Amy return to their house and discuss the relationship between Professor Bhaer and Jo.  Amy asks Laurie if he would mind if they got married, and Laurie said that he would not. Their only wish is that the Professor would have more money, and they tried to devise a plan on how give him money.  The two rich young lovers are exceptionally happy, and talk about how they will live their life together.  Amy plans on doing a lot of charity and giving help to poor young girls like she once was, who are trying to get into society.  Laurie agrees with her that they should share their wealth. 
Chapter 45: Megs children were everyone in the familys angels.  Demi was exceptionally bright, and Daisy was very devoted to her brother.  He loved his extended family, especially his Aunt Dodo as Jo was called, but Aunt Dodo liked the Fessor more than them. One day, while over at his grandparents house, Demi told them that he had kissed a girl.  Professor Bhaer, who was visiting at the time, laughed at this, and Demi asked if great people like to kiss each other too.  Bhaer evaded the question looking at Jo, and later Jo gave him a Demi a big hug for his efforts. 
Chapter 46: Professor Bhaer came everyday to the March household and often took walks with Jo.  Everyone around her began to see the changes that were taking place in her because of this.  She was falling in love.  After a few weeks of seeing him everyday, the Professor did not come for three days.  Jo began to be cross, and decided to go into town to run errands, though she really wanted to run into the Professor.  Marmee asked her to pick up some things, and told her to take her umbrella because it was going to rain.  Jo, in her haste, forgot the umbrella and as she was wandering around town, the Professor found her and shielded her with his.  He went shopping with her, and on their way home, Jo began crying because he told her he was leaving.  Professing his love for her, Bhaer asked her to marry him and Jo agreed joyfully.  Bhaer left town to make his fortune out West so they could afford marriage, and Jo waited patiently.