Little Women: Novel Summary: Chapter 4- Chapter 6

 Chapter 4: Mr. March lost most of his wealth trying to help one of his friends, and to help support themselves and their family, Meg and Jo got jobs.  Meg got a job in the King household taking care of the children, and Jo got a job being the companion to their rich Aunt March.  Since Beth was so shy she did not do well in school, so she stayed at home and helped Hannah around the house.  Amy was still in school and is the most selfish of the March girls.  Jo is rambunctious and gets along as well as she can with Aunt March and when the old lady goes to sleep, Jo raids the library and reads as much as she can.  Beth loves music and to play the piano, but wishes the family had more music and a better piano for her to play.  The girls are complaining about their lot in life, and their lack of money, when Marmee sits them down and tells them a story and shows them, that they have a lot to be thankful for in their life, such as family.
Chapter 5: Jo decides to go out for exercise one day, intent on running into the Lawrence Boy, Laurie.  Looking up into his window, she realizes he has been sick and throws a snowball at his window to get his attention.  He opens it and they begin talking.  Realizing that he has been lonely, Jo offers to come over and keep him company.  This excites Laurie, and he hurries to clean up his rooms before she gets there.  Jo asks Marmee permission and after receiving it and a few gifts to bring over to the sick boy, she walks to the house next door.  Jo spends the afternoon entertaining Laurie.  He is grateful, and when his grandfather gets home, the old man is very impressed by Jo and thankful she came to visit.  Laurie promises to come visit the March household when he feels better.  Being the consummate storyteller, when she returns home that night, Jo regales the family with her tales of the afternoon. 
Chapter 6: The March girls began going over to the Lawrence household and Laurie would come over and visit them.  Beth however was too timid and scared of old Mr. Lawrence that she would not set food in the household.  Mr. Lawrence found out about this and endeavored to set it right.  He visited the March household and said that anyone that wanted to use his piano would be welcome to do so and that it would not disturb anyone.  Beth was delighted at the permission to play the beautiful instrument as much as she desired and Mr. Lawrence would leave out music for her to play and practice.  After a time, Beth decided she needed to thank the old man, so she and with her sisters help made him a pair of slippers.  Mr. Laurence was so touched that he sends over a miniature piano that belonged to his dead granddaughter that he adored.  Beth was so touched that she went immediately to thank him, which surprised everyone, especially Mr. Laurence, because she was so timid.