Little Women: Novel Summary: Chapter 29- Chapter 31

 Chapter 29: Amy has conned Jo into going calling with her and made her put on her nicest clothes.  Jo was less than enthusiastic but agreed to be on her best behavior.  They first went to the Chesters and Jo acted the lady, but would not answer any questions except with yes and no.  The Chesters thought she was dry and unresponsive and she told Amy she would do better at the next house.  They went to the Lamb house, and while Amy was listening to Mrs. Lamb, Jo was entertaining the other guests with embarrassing stories of Amy and her riding talent.  Amy gave up on Jo, and at the next house, they visited Jo sat outside with some young gentleman and some children.  Again, Amy was disappointed with her behavior.  The next two houses they went to, no one was available, so they decided lastly to visit their Aunt March.  Their Aunt Carrol was there as well, and the two older women seemed to be choosing between the two girls for something.  Finally, the older women decided that Amy should take a trip to Europe with Aunt Carrol, and Aunt March would pay for it.  Neither of the girls knew Jo was in a bad mood for having to go calling, so the girls went home. 
Chapter 30: The Chesters had asked Amy to run a table at the fair they were throwing and Amy was extremely happy about it.  While she was setting up the day before the fair however, Mrs. Chester approached her.  She said that the table Amy was running should really go to her daughter.  Amy was disappointed, and knew that May, Mrs. Chesters daughter was mad at her for something.  She gave the table up gracefully, and succumbed to running the table that sold flowers that no one visited.  Hearing of her sisters misfortune, Jo enlisted Laurie and his friends to come and keep her company the following day.  The next day they all came and had a wonderful time, and at the end of the day, May Chester was ready to forgive and forget Amy for the grievance she had felt.  This made Amy happy.  The next week, Mrs. March received a letter from her Aunt Carrol asking Amy to accompany her to Europe.  Jo was disappointed that she was not picked, but tried to be happy for her sister.  Amy was ecstatic and planned to use the trip to start her off as an artist. 
Chapter 31: Amy writes letters back to her family and in them, she describes the adventures she is having in Europe.  While in England she runs into Frank and Fred Vaughn who were Lauries friends.  She spends a lot of time with them, and they show her London.  When Amy and her relatives leave to go to Paris, Fred joins them.  He travels with them from Paris to Germany, and Amy writes home to say she thinks he will ask her to marry him.  If he does, she plans on accepting.  He then had to depart for home because he received a letter saying his brother Frank was very ill.  Before he left, he asked Amy not to forget him.