Little Women: Novel Summary: Chapter 26- Chapter 28

 Chapter 26: At the conclusion of her writing class, Amy decides to throw a party for her and the other girls.  Marmee advises her against it because the other girls are rich and she is afraid that Amy will be disappointed.  Amy employs the whole family to help her, and after the first day they plan is rained out, they prepare for the next.  The next day, Amy does not have much fun, but goes to get a lobster in town and runs into a friend of Lauries.  She is slightly embarrassed to be caught shopping but because the man is a gentleman he makes nothing of it.  Only one girl of the fourteen she invited showed up to her party, and Amy has lunch with her and acts the perfect host.  They spend the afternoon driving around in a borrowed coach and Amy shows the girl the places she likes to draw.  At the end of the day, Amy thanks her family and has learned her lesson. 
Chapter 27: Jo went to a lecture to hear a speaker, and while there, a boy gives her a story to read.  Jo does not think it has that good of a plot, but the boy tells her that the stories are very popular.  Jo sees a contest in the paper, and submits her own story for it.  She keeps the entry a secret and six weeks later she receives a check for one hundred dollars.  With the money she pays for Marmee and the still ailing Beth to go live by the ocean for a few months.  Jo continues writing and making more money and helping to provide for her family.  During this time, she is also fervently working on her novel, which she finally finishes.  She submits it to publishers and gets many comments on it.  After discussing it with her family, she decides to edit her novels so she can get it published.  She receives three hundred dollars and mixed reviews.  She learns a lot, and decides that she will start another as soon as she is ready.
Chapter 28: Meg tried to be the perfect housewife for John.  She told him that anytime he wanted to bring a colleague home for dinner, that she would not mind, even if he gave her no notice.  One summer day Meg slaved over making jelly, but whatever she did, it would not jell.  John, not knowing of her troubles, decided to bring his friend Mr. Scott home.  When he arrived and told Meg that his guest was waiting outside, Meg blew up at his thoughtlessness.  She went into her room and cried as John and his guest ate.  Both felt the need to apologize but neither wanted to be the first to do it.  Meg finally caved in and peace was settled between them.  Meg began spending a lot of her time with Sallie Moffat and in doing so, began spending money.  Normally the things she bought were small but one day she found a silk dress that was on sale and bought it. She felt guilty immediately afterwards, and when she showed John her books at the end of the quarter, he was disappointed with her.  He canceled his own order for a new coat, which made Meg more guilty.  Finally, after being somewhat estranged from him, she went to Sallie and asked if she would buy the dress from her.  Sallie did, then gave her the dress as a gift, and Meg ordered her husbands coat.  Everything was better, and when Midsummer came along, she gave birth to twins.  The boy was named John with a nickname of Demi and the girl was Margaret who they called, Daisy.