Little Women: Novel Summary: Chapter 10- Chapter 12

 Chapter 10: As warmer weather approached the sisters decided to make a secret club, the Pickwick Club (P.C.), and become members under different names.  Meg, since she was the oldest, was the president of the club, and every week they published a newspaper each with their own contributions.  One such week, Meg read the paper, and Jo proposed a motion to add Laurie as a new member.  Jo and Beth were in favor of it, but Amy and Meg were not.  Jo argued for him however and they finally consented.  Laurie popped out of the closet as a surprise and everyone was mad at Jo for not telling he was in there.  He then told them of the post office (P.O.) that was built in the yard between their houses, and it became a way for everyone including Mr. Laurence, Hannah, and the Laurences gardener to pass notes and possessions. 
Chapter 11: The first of June rolled around, and the family Meg worked for took a holiday for a few months.  Happy to be able to have some leisure time, the March sisters decided to have an experiment.  They that they would all spend a week doing no work whatsoever.  Mrs. March consented to the plan hoping to teach her daughters a lesson.  The first two days according to the girls were fun, though very long.  They began getting cross but no one would admit it.  The third day, Mrs. March stayed in bed and left the girls on their own for a day.  Hannah was not around also, so the girls had to do all of the cooking and cleaning.  Jo invited Laurie to dinner, and she tried to cook for the family but her dinner party was a disaster.  Beths bird died because they forgot to feed it, and they held a funeral in the backyard.  By the end of the day, with Marmees guidance, they learned that all work and no play is tiring, although the days go quicker.  But all play and no work makes life just as uncomfortable as well.  They agreed thankful they learned their lesson.
Chapter 12: Beth had the job of delivering the mail from the post office and one day she came in with the usual nosegay for Marmee from Laurie and a single gray glove for Meg along with a translation.  Disappointed that the other glove could not be found, Meg was happy with the German song Lauries tutor, Mr. Brooke sent.  Jo received a letter from Laurie that was actually an invitation for all the girls to go on a picnic the next day with him and his friends from England who were coming.  Every one was excited, and the next morning they were ready to depart.  The party consisted of Laurie, the March sisters, Mr. Brooke, Ned Moffat, Sallie Gardiner, and Lauries friends from England, Kate, Fred, Frank, and Grace.  They set up “camp” and played croquet. Fred cheated and Jo got angry but held her temper.  After the game, they ate lunch and played games.  Kate made rude remarks about Meg being a governess and Mr. Brooke came to her rescue.  He talked to her and had her read a passage of German as he watched mesmerized.  The day was a success and everyone had a wonderful time.  Even shy Beth opened up and talked to Frank who was injured.